Mazda buyer journey optimisation programme

The work

We identified an opportunity within Mazda UK to increase sales conversions and noticeably improve customer experience using a programme of data analysis, mystery shopping, Regional Manager engagement and dealer education.

We launched a 12-month Buyer Journey Optimisation programme, delivering 4 waves of network-wide mystery shops, resulting in bespoke reports back to the Managing Director, Head of Marketing & Head of Sales and face-to-face briefings with the entire Mazda Dealer Network on a quarterly basis. Each Dealership received a personalised report and action plan to boost CX scores and optimise conversion rates.

So what?

21% improvement in enquiry rates in the first 6 months of the project across 130 dealerships


“Hugely valuable and a positive impact on the Mazda dealer network’s understanding of effective marketing activities”

Peter, Sales Director, Mazda UK