The work

iTSMelodic is an investment group challenging the norm in the music production business. With over 1 billion global streams and 1.5 billion tiktok audio plays, the company needed a brand – FAST.

With an already-established Spotify sub-brand, the parent company needed to create its own unique identity and Go-To-Market strategy to raise awareness of their innovative approach and the impact it has on the industry.

What we delivered?

  • Bespoke brand workshops to establish the brand’s core values, reason for being and the unique point of difference with Pulse Head of Strategy & iTSMelodic CEO
  • Brand strategy document neatly summing the brand’s identity up in 6 steps
  • A messaging structure with core promotional copy
  • Website development & build in partnership with Creative Monster, our creative & digital sister agency
  • Go-To-Market strategy to launch with a bang